It takes real courage to seek help and begin to repair a relationship crisis but working with couples over the years I have helped many people overcome negative relationship patterns.

I want to offer the hope that with work, relationships not only may survive but also go on to a deeper level of intimacy and connection that would never have been possible had it not been for the crisis in the relationship. In therapy we identify what helps and what hurts so as to prevent further harm

I also warn people it requires time and effort. In the beginning it is very difficult and more about containing the hurt and damage to the relationship. Later it is about resourcing and strengthening the relationship in order to provide a sanctuary that offers maximum security to all and creates a failsafe alarm system for prioritising the relationship needs. This is something we will spend some time working through in the therapy for each couple; it is a unique process and requires a special equation to match each couple's needs.

My fee for couples therapy is £80 per session.

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